Friday, June 05, 2009

Bernhard plays Leicester Square

Try and forgive the crummy photo, taken on my phone, but this is one gal you do not want to upset by pointing flashing objects at her more than, say, once during a two-hour show, to snatch a guilty souvenir. Plus I was almost certainly shaking from laughter at the time -- good excuse, right? She had me at minute two, milking a promo interview on Richard and Judy with this duly puzzled and utterly perfect description of Judy Finnigan: "A jittery lady... with slightly burnt cleavage". I practically sprayed beer over the row in front. ITV's Loose Women weren't let off the hook either -- "Someone told me they were like these hellraisers, flinging themselves around the set. What's up with that? They seemed so... demure." Way to nail the London showbiz scene, Sandra. Come back soon!