Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I'm alive!

...just on a semi-permanent blogging hiatus. To prove I've still been doing my job, here's everything I've seen in like the last 4 months:

Transformers C—
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix B—
Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End D—
The Bothersome Man B
Wild Tigers I Have Known B—
Shut Up and Sing B
28 Weeks Later B
Lucky You C
Captivity F
Shutter C+
Jindabyne B+
Molière B
Taxidermia B+
Die Hard 4.0 B—
Paradise Lost C
Water B—
Zodiac B+
Lovewrecked C+
Magicians C—
Black Snake Moan B
Longing C+
Goodbye Bafana C
Reno 911: Miami F
The Breed C—
Straightheads D+
The Painted Veil B—
Next D
Scott Walker: 20th Century Man B
Joe Strummer: The Future is Unwritten C
My Best Friend B—
Conversations With Other Women A—
Like Minds D
Blue Blood B
The All Together D—
Dans Paris D
The Bridge to Terabithia C
Edmond D
Hostel: Part II D+
Les petites vacances A—
The City of Violence C+
Black Gold B+
Ten Canoes B—
Flyboys D
Vacancy D+
Tell No One B
Ocean’s Thirteen B—
The Chumscrubber D
The Tiger’s Tail D
Wedding Daze B—
The Hitcher C
Night of the Sunflowers A—
Spider-Man 3 C
Goya’s Ghosts D+
Away From Her C+
The Puffy Chair B+
Mutual Appreciation B+
Fracture B
The Reaping D—
Alpha Dog D
Pathfinder F
Ghost Rider D
Becoming Jane B—
Gone C+
After the Wedding B+
Funny Ha Ha A—
Factory Girl D+
Fur C+
Premonition D
Eden B
The Gigolos B+
I Want Candy C
Catch and Release C+
Beyond Hatred B
The Last Mimzy D—
The Messengers D+
Wild Hogs D
Curse of the Golden Flower C—
Firehouse Dog C
Private Fears in Public Places B—
Hacking Democracy C+
Reign Over Me C
Shooter C+
Perfect Stranger D
Blades of Glory B+
Sunshine B+
Days of Glory B—
The Namesake B
Meet the Robinsons B
Catch a Fire C—
Amazing Grace C
Dead Silence C—
Exiled B—
The Golden Door C
The Flying Scotsman C+
Sketches of Frank Gehry C+

Heaven Can Wait (1978) C—
Heaven Can Wait (1943) A—
Last Tango in Paris C+
Autumn Sonata A
Milou en mai A—
Accident A—
Coming Home B
California Suite C—
When a Woman Ascends the Stairs A
Opening Night A
Prick Up Your Ears A—
El Topo B—
The Seventh Seal A—
Shadows B+
Interiors C+
Blood From the Mummy’s Tomb B—
Demons of the Mind C