Sunday, May 07, 2006

Flickr-ing in hell

My photo-taking hasn't been all that prolific recently, but I'm back in the groove and planning to buy a new camera next week.

Or at least I was. The context for this pic is too painful to relate in full, but involved the unavoidable loss of £200 and possibly the most miserable Saturday night in human history. I tagged it "Simulacrum of Hell" on flickr, and I'm not even joking. (Satan, in the shape of Westminster City Council, is down the end of that corridor, roasting all car owners alive and enjoying it. Yes, it does end, but it takes nearly ten minutes to walk down, and it's somewhere deep, deep under Marble Arch.)


Goran said...

It looks like something out of Kafka. Or an Orson Welles adaptation of Kafka.

Dr. S said...

Oh no.

My younger brother once went with a friend over to the university town about 45 minutes from where he lives. The guys parked their car and went out to a bar, hung out for a few hours, then got ready to go home. When they went back to where they'd left the car, it wasn't there. "Someone stole our car!" they thought. And so they went walking all over the place, trying to find the police station. But it turned out that the car hadn't been stolen; it had been impounded. And so they had to walk several more miles, in the middle of the night (and one of them falling down drunk), to find the car. Which they eventually did. Near dawn. By which point even the drunken one among them was sobering up to what had happened.

But I suspect wandering around in Indiana was less scary, in many ways, than wandering around deep under Marble Arch.

TF said...

It sounds like you accidentally wandered into a mixture of Se7en and Death Line, filmed, by the looks of it, in a nuclear bunker.

Very jolly.