Thursday, September 28, 2006

Forest fire

Whoah. Haven't seen it yet, but from the quotes here it looks like next year's Best Actor Oscar might be a virtual shoo-in for one of my favourite actors. I'm psyched!


Anonymous said...

Apparently it's a case of pushing Supporting as Lead, though.


i wouldn't say so.

it's a two lead film. told from the POV of one character but about the other character.

i.e. they're both leads imho.

Addison DeWitt said...

It's a film that derives a great deal of its interest from the "true" story that's implied in a modest title card. There are no opening credits save for some cards for the actors, and there's a reason for it. It's based upon a novel. So our central character's fate (and I do believe the James McAvoy character is the film's true lead) rather than the larger-than-life dictator we all know from newsprint nightmare headlines is our focus. That character is invented, and I think going into the film with that knowledge changes one's ultimate response to the material.

That said, it's not an uninteresting ride if you can make it through the seriously bad montages of central-character-in-thoughtful-anguish, bizarre cutting and relentlessly busy music, and typical low-budget Brit mixing done by one person in need of an ear. The entire film plays as if the director feared a single moment of rest or silence.

It's also a shame that McAvoy's performance is not attracting the buzz Whitaker's is attracting. Whitaker's ok, but just ok; it's McAvoy who is the revelation here.