Sunday, January 28, 2007

mainlymovies' Best of '06: pressing on...

Best Sound

Inland Empire

The Fountain

Miami Vice

Monster House

United 93

Best Costume Design

Patricia Field (The Devil Wears Prada)

Nancy Steiner (Little Miss Sunshine)

Robert Lever (MirrorMask)

Catherine Marie Thomas (A Prairie Home Companion)

Margot Wilson (The Proposition)


Nick Davis said...

Yes, yes! Keep pressing on!

Arun said...

love love LOVE the Prairie Home... mention for costume design here. The work felt so lived in and 'normal' yet somewhat iconic (Streep's red shirt, Tomlin's jacket, Madsen's jacket). Really wonderful work.

Can't wait to see the rest.

Nick Davis said...

A petty point of distraction, but: Madsen's jacket didn't even fit her. I was a little annoyed by the all-in-white thing anyway (All That Jazz, etc.), but I thought she could've looked a little better. I might be crazed, but it's the one demerit keeping her out of my group of five.

tim r said...

If I were a personification of Death, I'm not sure I'd go in for figure-hugging coats personally. I'd want to seem vaguely amorphous, threateningly bulky, hard to get a fix on. But perhaps it's just me, and Virginia.

Nick Davis said...

You make a good point.