Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I'm alive!

...just on a semi-permanent blogging hiatus. To prove I've still been doing my job, here's everything I've seen in like the last 4 months:

Transformers C—
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix B—
Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End D—
The Bothersome Man B
Wild Tigers I Have Known B—
Shut Up and Sing B
28 Weeks Later B
Lucky You C
Captivity F
Shutter C+
Jindabyne B+
Molière B
Taxidermia B+
Die Hard 4.0 B—
Paradise Lost C
Water B—
Zodiac B+
Lovewrecked C+
Magicians C—
Black Snake Moan B
Longing C+
Goodbye Bafana C
Reno 911: Miami F
The Breed C—
Straightheads D+
The Painted Veil B—
Next D
Scott Walker: 20th Century Man B
Joe Strummer: The Future is Unwritten C
My Best Friend B—
Conversations With Other Women A—
Like Minds D
Blue Blood B
The All Together D—
Dans Paris D
The Bridge to Terabithia C
Edmond D
Hostel: Part II D+
Les petites vacances A—
The City of Violence C+
Black Gold B+
Ten Canoes B—
Flyboys D
Vacancy D+
Tell No One B
Ocean’s Thirteen B—
The Chumscrubber D
The Tiger’s Tail D
Wedding Daze B—
The Hitcher C
Night of the Sunflowers A—
Spider-Man 3 C
Goya’s Ghosts D+
Away From Her C+
The Puffy Chair B+
Mutual Appreciation B+
Fracture B
The Reaping D—
Alpha Dog D
Pathfinder F
Ghost Rider D
Becoming Jane B—
Gone C+
After the Wedding B+
Funny Ha Ha A—
Factory Girl D+
Fur C+
Premonition D
Eden B
The Gigolos B+
I Want Candy C
Catch and Release C+
Beyond Hatred B
The Last Mimzy D—
The Messengers D+
Wild Hogs D
Curse of the Golden Flower C—
Firehouse Dog C
Private Fears in Public Places B—
Hacking Democracy C+
Reign Over Me C
Shooter C+
Perfect Stranger D
Blades of Glory B+
Sunshine B+
Days of Glory B—
The Namesake B
Meet the Robinsons B
Catch a Fire C—
Amazing Grace C
Dead Silence C—
Exiled B—
The Golden Door C
The Flying Scotsman C+
Sketches of Frank Gehry C+

Heaven Can Wait (1978) C—
Heaven Can Wait (1943) A—
Last Tango in Paris C+
Autumn Sonata A
Milou en mai A—
Accident A—
Coming Home B
California Suite C—
When a Woman Ascends the Stairs A
Opening Night A
Prick Up Your Ears A—
El Topo B—
The Seventh Seal A—
Shadows B+
Interiors C+
Blood From the Mummy’s Tomb B—
Demons of the Mind C


RC said...

wow...not a lot of posting...but certainly a lot of viewing.

Michael Parsons said...

Glad you are back!!!!

Y Kant Goran Rite said...

Alive is good!
Hope you get back to posting more often some time soon

Ali said...

THANK YOU for giving Autumn Sonata an "A". People always think I'm crazy for placing it in my top five Bergmans.

Michael Parsons said...

You’ve been Tagged