Thursday, December 13, 2007

Reaction to Globes nominations

Keira posts that vote for Laura Linney in Jindabyne

First up: that's way, way, waaaay too much love for Atonement. Only Saoirse Ronan's supporting actress nod is one I can fully get behind, and she's not even my favourite supporting actress in the movie. (Neither's Vanessa Redgrave, and neither is Romola Garai. So there!)

I'm in a spluttering rage over Wright AND Scott AND Schnabel getting Best Director nods over Paul Thomas Anderson for the monumental There Will Be Blood, but at least it's holding out in the picture and actor categories. The lack of anything bar Blanchett for I'm Not There is miserable but a little more predictable; the lack of anything major at all for Into the Wild has got to count as a significant blow. I mean, The Great Debaters? Really? I haven't seen Charlie Wilson's War yet, but it always looked more Globe-friendly than Oscar-friendly, so the Julia Roberts star-fuckery is, again, not that surprising. Ditto the whole American Gangster thing.

Where's Laura Linney? This has got to be the rare year where Best Actress (Comedy/Musical) has been harder fought than Drama, but, all the same, it's criminal that she's been crowded out by the singing contingent (good though they all are) and that Blanchett and Foster luck in with routine nods for such wretched films. Double nominee Philip Seymour Hoffman's fine in The Savages, but better in the overlooked Before the Devil Knows You're Dead, precisely because he's standing back, most of the time, to give Linney room.

There are good mentions scattered around here -- Jolie, Cotillard, Swinton, Mortensen -- but not much to get the pulse racing. Let's hope for an Oscar shake-up and some proper wild cards come Jan 22.

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Lee said...

Oh. My. God. Could I have possibly found someone else who found Brenda Blethyn by far the most interesting performer in Atonement? Or have I overlooked some other supporting actress in that movie? Because I thought Blethyn accomplished much more with one brief scene than any of the Brionys with their shared arc.