Monday, February 02, 2009

Slumdog, I take it all back...

Sweet holy Jesus. I'm with these guys. D


Official Anti-Benjamin Button Club said...

Dearest Tim, c/o Mainly Movies,
Thank you so much for helping to further our noble cause of denying Benjamin Button a single Oscar.
You are awesome.
Please consider adding one our exciting and fashionable 'No Button Buttons' to your blog and continue to spread the word far and wide.
Yours in Button Loathing,
(Official Anti-Benjamin Button Club)

Cal said...

Tell me at least something positive about it. Enduring 166 minutes already seems like a daunting prospect without your help!

NicksFlickPicks said...

Well, Tilda is in it.

But isn't it awful? D———— talked me into the C- and told me that a D+ was too harsh. I'm not so sure. I might've buckled on that one.

tim r said...

You so did. D____! What were you thinking?

Here's the scoop: Tilda hates it.

Anonymous said...

Haha. Hahahaha..

This was great, especially following Nick's post on Slumdog.

Does Tilda really hate it? That would make my day.

Also, glad to see you posting regularly again!

Michael Parsons said...

I am liking it less and less each day

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