Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Viewing log: 19/3/10

New Releases (youch, what a week this was)

Should have loathed this, but Aniston lifts surprising swathes of it to near-watchability

Two depressing weddings for the price of one, and they've really skimped on the photography

The Far From Heaven of retro slasher homages: precise and shivery, even if it's all build-up

Never establishes a workable tone, but it's surprisingly full-on with the guy on guy stuff

I could emit distressed animal noises but don't know how to spell them

Not unpromising, but it juggles too many conceits and drops them one by one

Couldn't discern any degree of formal flair, just lots of syrupy orange blood

Starts well, looks great, but too much is hard to buy, and the acting wobbles

Initially like every other kiddie-contest documentary, then gains muscle as it proceeds

Other Adventures

The shape's a bit random, but I love its thoughtfulness; moving and eerie by turns

Young and Innocent (1937) B
Middling Hitch for the period, dawdling a bit towards its one great set piece


Burning Reels said...

How is Carrey?

tim r said...

I'm certain I replied to this weeks ago, but Blogger must have eaten it! Sorry about that. Sad to say Carrey's my least favourite thing about Phillip Morris: he's straining for laughs (and often getting them), but doing so with variants on his toxic-hyperactive Cable Guy persona. To my mind that was a pretty gay persona to start with, which is all fine, but this time it's at the expense of any sincerity in the way he approaches the character or the project, which need all the help they can get in that direction.

Still, Ewan's very sweet in it.