Saturday, April 03, 2010

Viewing log: 2/4/10

New Releases

A batty shambles, and ugly to boot, but you could snigger throughout at the costumes alone

An intellectual game, addictive to play, but let's not pretend its kooky thesis really adds up

Everything I said here

Disguises a cynical core under cute flash and cartoon brutality -- and disguises it badly

Pretty effortful, full of glum stick-people, and the Big Twist stinks up the joint

Faintly disappointing in its overdone "lyricism", but plainly heartfelt and certainly touching

Other Adventures

Great faces, great specificity, and terrifically supple in the ways it circles and observes

Children of God (LLGFF) D+

Dramatises both Bahamian homophobia and gay self-doubt with sledgehammer crudity


NicksFlickPicks said...

Exactly with you on Dragon. Lovely and endearing. May even have to change my little avatar, since I think I prefer it to Lilo & Stitch.

Robert Hamer said...

The divisiveness on Kick-Ass has been interesting so far.

kudrat said...