Tuesday, January 31, 2006

On the noms

Forgive stream of consciousness here, I've got no time to spruce this up.

1.36pm Wish they'd get on with it - don't they realise I've got the UK press show of Derailed to rush off to?!

1.38pm OK, finally.

AMY ADAMS! Nice start.

Gyllenhaal I figured. Hurt, though? A batty choice if you ask me.

Best Actress - dull, dull, dull, though I'm quite pleased for Keira.

TERRENCE HOWARD!!! Sad for Fiennes, but that more than makes up for it.

Munich gets pic and director. Whadya know. Very little for Constant Gardener. Way too much for Crash.

A dullish roster enlivened by Adams and Howard, I'd say. But the Gyllenhaal nod is key: prepare for an almighty Brokeback sweep, which I now think might carry not only Ledger but Williams to a win.


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Skeelo said...

I think Terence Howard is the best possible dark horse nominee. He deserves it above all the other is best actor category.