Saturday, February 17, 2007

Go Green

GreenCine Daily, an excellent site I've finally got round to adding to my sidebar links, has for quite a while now been my favourite digest for film criticism on the web. As is their wont during festivals, they've very usefully been collating global coverage from Berlin — even linking here! — and their own reports are well-informed, snappily written and admirably comprehensive. It's high time I said thanks to David Hudson and his correspondents for providing such a terrific service, and I hereby offer to buy them a drink the next time we're in the same city together. (Sorry to have missed them for Berlin wrap-up — I'm back in the UK as of yesterday...)

Cheers guys!

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David Hudson said...

Many, many thanks, Tim. It would have been great to meet up while you were here - but it was an exhausting festival this year somehow, wasn't it? At any rate, like you say: if we're in the same city again, let's. Definitely.