Friday, February 09, 2007

mainlymovies' Best of 06: Supporting Actor

Paul Dano (The King)

Paul Dawson (Shortbus)

Robert Downey Jr. (A Scanner Darkly)

William Hurt (The King)

David Morse (Down in the Valley)

RUNNERS-UP: Steve Carell (Little Miss Sunshine), Greg Kinnear (Fast Food Nation), Woody Harrelson (A Prairie Home Companion), Stephen Campbell Moore (The History Boys), Nick Nolte (Clean), Mark Wahlberg (The Departed), Hugo Weaving (Little Fish).



i hate my supporting actor list because I don't love most of them. and it's horrible to bow down to people you don't love. but the more lists i see by people i respect the more it becomes clear. I saw the wrong 90+ movies this past year... particularly for this category

obviously shoulda seen Down in the Valley for starters. I even had it in me hands

Nick Davis said...

I screwed up by missing The King, but I'll need some convincing about the very surprising Dawson selection. For me, he wrung that sexydespondent look in exactly the way the film asked him to, but there wasn't anything there to carry me through the strange hops and pivots of the character's behavior toward the end. As with most of the Shortbus performers, his affect never pulled me through to an actual personality.