Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Some more recent viewings...

...and, pictured above, the film of the year so far. I will be up and blogging again properly soon, I promise. Hopefully by Toronto. It's taking baby steps.

*= repeat viewing

Lady Chatterley A—

The Hoax B

The Bourne Ultimatum B+

High School Musical B—

Tales from Earthsea C

Gandhi My Father C+

Knocked Up B

Billy Liar (1963) B—

Waitress D

The Walker* C—

License to Wed F

Rush Hour 3 D—

Transylvania B

12.08 East of Bucharest B

Ecoute le temps C—

Eagle vs Shark D+

Copying Beethoven D

Birth* A—

Red Lights* B


Dan said...

Lady Chatterley the film of the year so far? Blimey - I'm going to have to revisit that and hope it doesn't send me to sleep again.

Off to Toronto this year? I've been for the last few years, but can't make it there this year. It's the best festival, and this year's lineup looks (so far) irresistible. Have fun!

Anonymous said...

SO glad you love Birth, and I'll be curious to see Lady Chatterley.

Oh, and so glad you're back!! I've missed your blog..

Nick Davis said...

I am ecstatic about the fact that you graded Waitress so low. My F for that film was partly occasioned by the fact that, above all of its other sins, the pies were a) excruciatingly unappetizing, and b) beyond any logic of actual baking. Pouring chocolate pudding and berries into a pie crust (an Oreo crust, at that) and expecting it to do anything except burn?

tim r said...

You've nailed it there Nick. On top of endless aesthetic woes and infantilised pseudo-feminist uplift, fake pie-baking was the last straw...