Thursday, September 13, 2007

Toronto: the good and bad news

Eastern Promises B

Michael Clayton C

Sleuth D+

Lars and the Real Girl C+

I'm Not There A


Married Life B

Diary of the Dead C

Nothing is Private B

Reservation Road

Before the Devil Knows You're Dead B+

The Besieged Fortress B+

Here's my Telegraph report; thanks to The Playlist for the Dylans collage.

1 comment:

Dan said...

Hey Tim.

I was pleased to read your Toronto coverage, but still disappointed that it seemed that yours was the only (UK) paper that had any real coverage of one of the greatest public film festivals.

I hope you enjoyed your time there, I couldn't make it there this year, but I hope to get there again next.


(BTW, we met briefly a couple of times in Berlin this year, and I still need to thank you properly for that ticket you got me for Yella)