Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Viewing log: 26/3/10

New Releases

We've seen worse, let's face it, but it's hard not to feel unduly hugged and patronised

I question the manipulative score and odd omissions; still, potent and commendable

Trapero's direction is characteristically great on detail, texture and rock-solid humanism

Often dazzling, and great around the edges; does seem evasive about its own point at times

Exposition Hell: one-time alchemist Greenaway transmutes lead into more lead

An inspiration vacuum, with little going for it except the reliable Gleeson

Storm B
Impressive leads in a welcome feminist take on reconciliation politics, but thrill it does not

(still haven't seen: No One Knows About Persian Cats, Shank, Nanny McPhee)

Other Epic Adventures

Bumbles along, shackled to a terminally musty conception of male camaraderie

on flight to...

...34th Hong Kong Film Festival and Filmart

Helped with my city geography, but not with my ongoing bafflement at opening-night selections

Bloody Shake zzz (jetlag)

Nothing makes any real sense, but it just about kept me awake

on flight back...

Same old sentimental score-settling; the line between this and Taken is thinner than To's fans admit

and on the same day(!)...

...24th London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival

I expected precocious and up itself, which it is - but too damn confident not to impress

Admirably tough, forceful and well-acted, until the pile-up of misery just gets too much

Christopher Strong (1933) B
Flippant fun when it's being flippant fun, though it's technically dodgy and hard to take seriously

(36 hours' sleep)

Gay love explicated through a dreamscape of danger and myth; a gorgeous homo-odyssey


NicksFlickPicks said...

Yay! Yay! Yay! So much here to "yay," including having you back, but that last bit is especially satisfying.

Guy said...

Have you warmed to The Blind Side? A C- is kinder than I was expecting from you, though I'm perfectly in agreement there. As I am on that D- for Martin Freeman's busy ballsack.

Can't wait to hear your thoughts in person on Lourdes, my seasons-long recommendation of which has now landed me in trouble with some deeply unconvinced friends.

Burning Reels said...

Busy times!

Not sure i'm ready to see Martin Freeman's busy ballsack Guy:)

Guy said...

Nobody is, or should be.