Sunday, October 23, 2005

Ripping a leaf from Nick and Nat's books

This is going to look like shameless plagiarism, because it is, but mainlymovies feels the urgent need to ape the current list-love which makes Nick Davis's Flick Picks and Nat Rogers's Film Experience such consistently addictive reads. I think Pauline Kael once bitchily described Andrew Sarris as a "list queen", but who isn't? (Andy should have bitched back and called her a flip, jazzy fizz-bomb of a critic or something.) Come on, we all love these things, particularly when presented in big juicy countdown form from 100 to 1, which is pretty much the ideal way to incorporate them into a blog and which I will henceforth be doing.

More to the point though, it's high time I laid my cards on the table and told anyone reading what my favourite movies are, so that they can gauge at a glance if I'm a man of taste or if I'm just talking nonsense or what. These 100 choices are going to be the films I simply couldn't live without, not the ones I think I ought to like. Some of them are the best movies ever made, and some of them aren't. But let me have them anyway! They're all on here for a reason.

I think I'll keep the explanations brief. Like, very brief. Let's see if I can boil them down into a sentence per. And I'll try and do 2 or 3 a day - this way I'll be done by early December...


Nick Davis said...

The cabal expands! There can never be enough Top-100 lists. Can't wait to scroll up... ;)

damion said...

I agree with Nick. There can never be enough Top-100 lists.