Tuesday, December 20, 2005

#33: La Grande Illusion (Jean Renoir, 1937)

Because The Rules of the Game does nothing for me, but this is almost faultless.


Nick Davis said...

Hear, hear!! (Or is it "here, here"? I never know...) I tried to make myself like The Rules of the Game all the way through, and the extras on the DVD explained a lot to me about why to admire it... but I am sure that's as far as I'll ever get, whereas this one is just bliss.

To think we're already in the top third of your list!

tim r said...

I was hoping to find allies here, and look who comes along! La Grande Illusion is a wonderful, noble movie on a great subject. The Rules of the Game, on the other hand, obviously isn't a bad film, and technically it's very interesting, but all that running around! Ooh la la. It just gets exhausting. I'll never understand why it's so highly regarded.

The other Renoir I really must get round to seeing soon is La Crime de Monsieur Lange.

(I think it's "hear, hear", by the way - originated in the House of Commons, where everyone's constantly having to fight to get themselves heard.)

FilmFan said...

I third that opinion - La Grande Illusion is his masterpiece, I think. There's a Renoir season coming up at the NFT and I'm looking forward to plugging the Renoir gaps (I've seen all the main ones but not the smaller ones).