Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Waiting for the Mann

Also, I'm not even quite sure why, but let it be said that this looks pretty damn cool - it's certainly the most enticing trailer I've seen in some months - and I didn't even like Collateral much. Something about the Foxx/Farrell combo just clicks, surprisingly, and it looks crazy-bombastic in a fun way, rather than phonily hard-boiled in, well, a Collateral way. Credit, according to my much-more-down-with-it younger brother Myles, goes to Linkin Park (!) and Jay-Z (!!) for that tune. And if someone's going to plunder yet another cult TV show for summer blockbuster hijinks, it might as well be the show's creator. Colour me keen...

(PS. No, I don't think Farrell does understand the meaning of the word "foreboding")

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