Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Robey's Oscar Rewrites: (1)

New series. Simple idea. Random category from Oscar history -- and my alternatives. Minus a winner, which you're welcome to propose...

All hail, by the way, IMDb's much-improved search-by-year function! Which makes this, if not more possible, then certainly much quicker.


They said...

Tom Berenger, Platoon
*Michael Caine, Hannah and Her Sisters
Willem Dafoe, Platoon
Denholm Elliott, A Room with a View
Dennis Hopper, Hoosiers

I say...

Julian Beck, Poltergeist II: The Other Side
Michael Caine, Hannah and Her Sisters
Dennis Hopper, Blue Velvet
Ray Liotta, Something Wild
Tom Noonan, Manhunter

With an honourable mention to Jeffrey Jones in Ferris Bueller's Day Off. I consider Daniel Day-Lewis a lead in My Beautiful Laundrette -- though not, of course, in A Room with a View. Chime in, friends! I think this one could run and run.


David S. said...

Very good idea and I'm very excited to see you add another feature. It's so funny how the Oscars frustrate me and yet I still keep personal records like this for every year of which I have thorough enough film knowledge. And I'm always so pumped to see others' opinions on the matter. I'm not even sure why.

Hannah and Her Sisters is one damn good film.

Hope all is well with you Mr. Robey.

Guy said...

You've hit a goldmine here -- sometimes the simplest ideas are the best ones.

The winner HAS to be Dennis Hopper (for "Blue Velvet," of course -- how wrong could the Academy get it that year?), but I think I'd make room on the ballot for:

Michael Caine AND Max von Sydow, "Hannah and Her Sisters"
Roberto Benigni, "Down by Law"

Now are all the men of "Jean de Florette" leads? Auteuil is, obviously, but can I sneak Yves Montand into supporting? Or Depardieu?

Failing that category fraud, I'l echo your Liotta pick. But I feel like I'm forgetting someone.

tim r said...

There's also Brian Cox in Manhunter, of course. Though I think Noonan is even better...

NicksFlickPicks said...

Do we take this to mean that you are pointedly saying no to Day-Lewis in Room?

I love Michael Biehn's quiet, delicate, but hardy leadership in Aliens and Harry Dean Stanton as the driftless but lovable dad in Pretty in Pink. I hear amazing things about Forest Whitaker in The Color of Money (particularly c/o Pauline Kael) but haven't seen the movie recently enough to say.

I think Caine was quite good in the same year's Mona Lisa, too, and I'm wondering if you're willing to consider multiple cites for the same actor when you feel they've earned it (even if in this particular case you don't).

tim r said...

Yes -- I totally did that this year with Vera in Orphan and Up in the Air. And I like Caine in Mona Lisa also, but probably not enough for a nod in its own right. Biehn is a really good pick. But I must press upon everyone (especially those who haven't seen him) how great and worthy Beck is in Poltergeist II. Courteously, and unforgettably, terrifying. I had nightmares about him for years.

par3182 said...

Steve Buscemi - Parting Glances
Michael Caine - Hannah and Her Sisters
Daniel Day-Lewis - A Room With A View
Dennis Hopper - Blue Velvet
Ray Liotta - Something Wild