Saturday, February 13, 2010

Viewing log: 12/2/10

New Releases (blurbs to follow)

Brave with its ambiguities, rock solid in filming and structure

Kind of gawkily well-meaning, but I mainly felt sorry for it

Laughs at the start, but gets sketchy and unrewarding

It's a shame the movie makes its case so darn politely

Used to love this, now just like it: the acting is kind of shallow

The kind of processed cheese I wouldn't wish on anyone

Ponyo B–
Oddball yes, cutesy yes, beguiling only sporadically

Worth it for Firth, but only just: the style doesn't mean anything

A thoroughgoing rhyme and reason drought, from a director I don't get

Mosaics of love lost and found rarely come fuglier

The Dutch Resistance as a blandly handsome, Boy's Own exercise

Some capable craft at the service of scared, MOR compromise

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