Saturday, February 06, 2010

Viewing log: 5/2/10

New Releases

Perky to the point of vapid, and the plot's a wholesale rip-off of A.I.

Benny Hill might have thought these routines a trifle moth-eaten

Didn't Mandela have some other projects that first year? Uninspiring

Some credit for craziness, but it's such a lurid and unpleasant ride

Tony C+
Lots of good, awkward scenes, but it doesn't disturb or go anywhere

Starts well and Cera anchors it deftly; bitty and oddly insincere, though

Other Adventures

Gorgeous, clear-eyed portrait of a family; Peggy Ann Garner is something else

1 comment:

Cal said...

I can only agree. Peggy Ann Garner was A-MA-ZING. Made me cry at the end :'(